When it comes to your business’s web presence performing well for you, you absolutely can not afford to overlook your website’s structural integrity.

Too often I hear objections from businesses that include thoughts like “ I already have a website”, “I built my website myself” “(Insert website builder name) is free”. And these are always the same people who can’t find value in their web presence because it is nonexistent.

There are a few top priorities when it comes to creating a website that is effective. Your main focus is not you, it’s your potential customers and the search engines.

First of all, the coding used to create your website has to meet search engine standards. If you are using a site builder, or even if you built your own WordPress site, you have little or no control over how the code is presented to search engines.  Unless you are a professional developer, why would you waste your time trying to figure this out? Think about it like this, if a vendor sends you a handbook in another language, are you going to learn it to read the manual? No, you’re going to experiment with the machine until it works well enough to get the job done. But this is not how you do business, right? You have to give the search engine a great experience, just like you would for your customers.

You don’t have to let algorithms and updates get in the way of having a high-performance website. There are people who do this for a living because that’s what they love to do! For years the business world has been abuzz with the topic of mobile responsive websites. Even more recently, Google decided to stop listing nonmobile sites in mobile search results. That’s a huge deal. Most of society perform web searches on their mobile devices. Surprisingly, the transition to mobile has been slow for businesses.  

Now, let’s remember that your website is one of your biggest digital marketing tools. You should have your information presented in a way that engages visitors and is easy to navigate. People don’t enjoy scavenger hunts on the internet, especially when they need something now. They also don’t like finding what they were looking for, and not being able to do anything about it. The icing on the cake, people lose interest, fast. So if the look of your site hurts to look at, you can bet your potential customers are going elsewhere.

Read up on the other reasons why this business investment is worth your while. Don’t let the changing tides, or old attitudes keep your business from being a success.

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