What is Digital Marketing, and why is it important

Chances are if you are working in any professional field, you have heard of marketing and maybe even digital marketing. One thing that I have always found interesting about the business world is how confused people tend to become when discussing marketing, and how often businesses shy away from marketing and digital marketing, simply because […]

5 reasons why your business needs a website

As we set out to answer the question, does my business need a website, we will go over 5 undeniable facts to demonstrate the solid YES that question deserves in response, and why social media alone is not enough to create a successful digital presence. Voyagers, we are no longer in the good ol days […]

How your website is built is important.

When it comes to your business’s web presence performing well for you, you absolutely can not afford to overlook your website’s structural integrity. Too often I hear objections from businesses that include thoughts like “ I already have a website”, “I built my website myself” “(Insert website builder name) is free”. And these are always […]

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