SEO Services Explored

Why Focusing on SEO is Important for your Business:

We all have heard about this little thing called SEO, but most of the time when it is mentioned the actual concept of what it is goes over most people’s heads. So what exactly is SEO? In its most simple form it stands for search engine optimization. We’re sure you’re now saying to yourself, “Okay that’s great to know but what is the point of it?” Well, like most people you’ve probably gone to google for answers to common life problems, how many cups are in an ounce, how to change my oil, or even marketing companies near me. SEO works to put your business at the top of the search response list that google provides you with after searching. So when you ask what the importance of SEO is, it is simply using keywords specific to your business so that when potential clients are searching for your services, you are the first one to pop up in the search.

SEO is made up of many different components. From video SEO services, keyword SEO services, citation blasts, all the way to backlinks and content writing (these are only some of the pieces involved!) Here at Voyager, we take a unique approach when it comes to SEO, by using methods that have been historically profitable to businesses, and by adding just a dash of something new.

When your ideal customers search for your selling points or products, we work to make sure your website has high quality content that will rank in search engines, and keep users wanting to visit your website and STAY on your website.

Sounds easy right? We wish! SEO is not something that can be “mastered.” Just as technology is constantly evolving so is SEO. As search engine requirements and best practices change, we have to adapt to change with them. By focusing on SEO trends and tried and true techniques we work to ensure your business is always in the right place at the right time.

Getting Started

Our first meetings with our SEO clients focus on presenting data. Yes, before we have even had our initial meeting we take the time to see just how our potential clients are ranking in SEO. This helps us narrow our focus on what we need to do to put you on the first page of Google. We compare our findings to local competitors in order to see what they are doing and how we can use SEO to propel your company ahead of your competition.

Still a little uncertain on what SEO actually is and why it is important to your business? We get it! It definitely is a lot of information to take in at once so we are going to break it down into five basic steps:

  1. How to figure out what your customers are searching for
  2. How to optimize your website for your target keywords
  3. How to make sure your website is accessible to search engines and your potential clients
  4. How to get other websites to link to your site
  5. How to measure your SEO success

Step One: The Perfect Fit

We can’t begin to optimize your website for SEO without knowing what your customers are searching for. Our team takes the time to put ourselves in your customer’s shoes by asking ourselves what your customer might be typing into Google’s search engines.

For example, our client Built Right Homes works to bring your dream home to reality with custom builds. So a potential client of theirs may lookup phrases such as “custom built homes,” “custom home renovations,” and other similar phrases.

Step Two: Optimization Prime

Once we have finished researching specific keywords for your business we begin to optimize your website with those keywords. This step is just a fancy way of saying, these are the keywords we need, now let’s plug them into different parts of your website so that google’s data crawlers can pull your website when these certain words are being searched. We do this by looking at your metadata, page titles, and images and making sure that they all go in line with our targeted keywords.

Step Three: Grabbing Their Attention

The next step in our SEO process is an extremely important one because spending all this time focusing on optimization for search engines means nothing if your website can not be used by actual humans. We work to make sure that your website is not only full of your keywords but eye catching and accessible for human web crawlers too! And let’s be honest, most people are doing their searches from their phones so not only do you need to have an eye catching website, you also need to make sure your website is mobile friendly.

Step Four: Linking

Have you ever been reading a blog about a certain topic and clicked a link within that blog? That is called backlinking. Building links is a critical step in the success of your SEO. When we tell clients this they always ask why, and it is simply because there is a huge amount of evidence showing that Google’s ranking algorithm is strongly influenced by these backlinks. We take the time to reach out to other brands or companies where pages on your site fit in with their content as well as create guest blogs to be featured on other sites that can be linked right back to your own content.

Step Five: Measuring Success

After our keyword research, implementation of keywords, focus on web design and getting your site featured, the next step is to sit back and measure how all of these components are working to boost your web presence and in turn, boost your revenue. We measure our client’s stats weekly and monthly to ensure that rankings are climbing, the right content being created is still relevant to your customer base, and that your site is getting the traffic you deserve!

SEO can be confusing, tedious, and frankly most people don’t even think about it when it comes to building their website. Our team takes that stress off of you by either creating a new website for you from scratch with SEO optimization tools built in directly or by re-optimizing your existing website. Let us take the stress of keeping up with the algorithms off your shoulders and contact us today to discuss all things SEO. We can’t wait to help you grow your online presence and increase your revenue through search engine optimization.