SEO Services Explored: Citation Blasts

Getting to Know SEO

The world of SEO is vast and ever changing, making it hard to feel like you’ve finally mastered all there is to know about search engine optimization. From citation blasts, to keyword optimization there are many different components that have to come together for successful SEO.

So lets start at the very beginning with what SEO actually is- SEO works to put your business at the top of the search response list that google provides you with after searching. So when you ask what the importance of SEO is, it is simply using keywords specific to your business so that when potential clients are searching for your services, you are the first one to pop up in the search.

Don’t worry, if you’re still a little confused that’s okay! Throughout the month we are going to be breaking down the different components of SEO that we use to propel our clients to the top of search result lists!

Blasting off with Citation Blasts

When it comes to running your business a big thing that keeps customers and clients coming back is trust. Citation blasts work to help you gain that trust and get your business seen in search engine results. In simple terms a citation blast is an umbrella term that refers to any mention of your company online. This mention could be in a business directory, an industry specific website, a blog, or any other local website.

A common citation that you are more thank likely to know of already include listings on business directory sites like or yelp. These listings are important because Google decides your business’ ranking based on the size and the consistency of your online presence. Meaning the more citations you have out there, the higher your ranking which then increases your website traffic.

Citation Blasts

Why it is Called a Citation Blast

We’ve already mentioned that citation blasts help to build the trust of your customers but they also help you rank within your Google Local Pack listing. When you are searching for something on Google the first thing you typically see is a map with three or four top rating listings right? This is called a Google Local Pack. These listings appear in response to searches for products and services that are provided by local businesses. The listing within these packs originates from the Google My Business Directory and other citation blasts that work to tell Google that yes your business exists, yes it is legitimate, and that multiple sources can corroborate that this information is accurate. Because of this, it is important to make sure your business is listed under the same name, same address, and phone number in order to give Google even more trust signals.

When it comes to SEO, Google takes into consideration a number of different factors along with these citation blasts. One of the things the search engine takes into account is the proximity of your business to the location where the searcher is. In order to take advantage of these citation blasts to the fullest, a Google My Business listing is vital for success. Another factor that will help boost your SEO is by making sure these citation blast links are coming from a site with a high domain authority and high traffic. For this reason you it is important to pay attention the quality of citations versus the quantity.

Citation Blast Examples

When we start the process of developing citation blasts for our clients we first take note of the main local business directories that first come to mind. After that, we then do a deep dive into your competition and where they may be listed. Here are a few other examples of where we look when producing citation blasts.

  • Business Directories
  • Industry Specific Directories
  • Social Media Platforms
  • Local Blogs
  • Local Newspapers and Websites

We mentioned that a good citation blast comes from a respected source, but there are a few other factors that are needed to create a great citation blast. So once you find the business directory or blog that is the perfect fit for your business there are three pieces of information that are crucial for success. The first is your business’ name, this should be the same across all platforms and ideally your branded trade name. The next is a local telephone number and this should match the number that is located on your website. The last factor needed to create a great citation blast is your physical address, which should also be the same as the address located on your website.

Now What?

Creating citation blasts can be a time consuming and even tedious process that is typically linked with an over arching marketing plan. However, despite how tedious it can be, this process is hugely beneficial to posting your online presence.

Having local SEO helps to build authority throughout your home base, improve the authority of your website, and works to send trust signals to boost your rankings.

If your business is in a more niche category then it can be harder to obtain directory links. However, at Voyager Marketing we specialize in helping small businesses grow through SEO and work to create citation blasts that are specialized to your niche. Some of these include guest posting on local blogs, being active in forums, and being active on social media just to name a few.

We would love to help you improve your business’ visibility online, contact us today to start your SEO voyage!