Why Your Business Needs a Website

Does My Business Need a Website

We can’t help but hide our smiles when we get asked this question because the short answer is, yes for many reasons! Think of your business’ website like a dating profile. If a site looks nice you’re more likely to keep scrolling and click on different pages. Once you are attracted visually, you start to read the content and begin to learn more about what makes this business unique. All of this happens based on the design of your site!  

We are going to cover 5 undeniable facts to demonstrate the solid YES that question deserves in response, and why social media alone is not enough to create a successful digital presence.

Let's be honest....

We are no longer in the good ol days of business and  marketing, where word of mouth was enough to build customer loyalty and a successful business. It’s 2017, and there are just a ton of places to build a business presence. Growth and stability now relies on businesses utilizing a presence within their communities, through websites, on social media, and by using other digital or tangible mediums. Over the last 20 years there has been a major shift in how people make purchasing decisions, and this change was brought on by the growth of the internet, digital commerce, and search engines like Google.

Google is the most used search engine across the world. Click this link to see just how many searches are happening right this instant. The Google search engine is undoubtedly the leader when it comes to providing answers to search users. Today’s search users are looking for information, services, and products, and they want that information NOW.


Why Your Website Matters

So yes, you will sometimes go to do a Google search for a service you need, and some of the results you get are links to Facebook or Twitter profiles. This can be great, (we will discuss just why in another blog post later) But for now, let’s cover those five reasons why it is becoming more and more important for you to have a site that is built right. 

1. Credibility

We didn’t create this list in any particular order, however creating credibility is definitely the first, and probably most important, thing a business stands to gain from having a website. Unless you are a major retailer who already has wide brand recognition, your business absolutely needs a website. Roughly 60% of consumers make a purchasing decision before visiting or calling a business based on the presence that the business has online. Businesses count on their site to house their most important information, like what they do and why they do it. This is the kind of information that helps persuade purchasing decisions and keeps consumers on your site.

SEO Search engine optimization

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

There are only so many things that can be skewed about a business on social media, listing, and blogging platforms.

Having a website gives you and your businesses complete control over the content that is being provided to search engines and site visitors. Businesses are also able to utilize search engine optimization techniques to keep their website at the top of search results for relevant search terms.

While ranking on the first page of search engines does take time, there is no way for your business to make it to the top of search engine results for keywords or terms relating to your industry without a website.

3. Shopping is No Longer Separated

There is no longer a giant divide between physical and digital shopping. Why would a consumer go out to the store if they don’t have to? Websites and online ordering or scheduling are a standard in today’s society, so when consumers have to put effort into purchasing goods and or services, they will choose the business that provides the most convenient options.

4. Websites Are Automated Sales Tools

Sure, content and security updates will need to be done routinely to keep a website safe and up to date, but actions like browsing inventory or services, processing online sales, and collecting email addresses are all executed by the website without the need for any sales people.

5. Foundation for Digital Marketing

A website is the foundation for a business’s digital marketing efforts and plays a major role in a full marketing plan. A business’s website is the hub for all of its information, products, services, and content. Every business card, every flyer and rack card, every print ad, every radio, and television commercial that a business produces should have their website listed, and in turn, the website is used to generate sales, calls, email opt ins and social media growth. There is almost an endless amount of ways for businesses to utilize a website.

This list could probably go on forever, ultimately we hope the takeaway from this information is that a business’s website is absolutely necessary and should be utilized to serve as one of its greatest marketing and sales assets. Professionally designed and developed websites allow businesses to provide a seamless user experience and enhanced web performance while putting in minimal work. For those businesses that are willing to put in the work themselves, there are many options and resources to help with creating a simple website. We would love to help you build the perfect site for your business, contact us today for more information about our design packages!

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